100 Great Monologs<br>(for Teen Actors)

100 Great Monologs(for Teen Actors)

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by Rebecca Young A versatile collection of monologs, duologs and triologs for student actorsThis collection of performance scripts runs the entire gamut of teenage joys, insecurities and tragic difficulties. They challenge both the performer and the audience with situations that require thinking to resolve. They are superb for classroom use, contest competitions, discussion-starters or audition scripts. The book is divided into three sections: 1. Triologs - seperate monologs for three performers speaking viewpoints on a single theme. 2. Duologs - monologs for two performers on a theme. 3. Monologs - one person commentaries on a wide variety of subjects, happy and sad. All of the monologs are non-theatrical in style - they speak as teenagers live and move.

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