Broadway Costumes on a Budget

Broadway Costumes on a Budget

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by Janet Litherland and Sue McAnally.High school, college and community theatre versions or Broadway shows can have all the glitz, glitter and pizzazz of the New York variety. This book lists 100 famous musicals categorized by costume styles. Applying the book's crossover system, costumes from one show can easily be altered for another show in the same category. "How to do it" suggestions are given for both the basic costume design and for specific show adaptations. Every theatre group planning to stage a Broadway show needs this book. Ten chapters: Costumes Are Not Clothes, Preventive Medicine for Everyone Involved in High School Productions, Medieval/Shakespearean, the Old West, 19th Century/Turn-of-the-Century, the 1920's, The 1930's-1940's, The 1950's-1960's, Myriad Periods, In Your Dreams! Janet Litherland, the author of siz nonfiction books and many plays, is an editorial associate for a travel magazine. She resides near Tallahassee, Florida. Co-Author Sue McAnally of Thomasville, Georgia, has served as the costume designer for the Thomasville Music and Drama Troupe, a performance group of 200 teenagers, for nearly twenty years.

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