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Theatre House is proud to bring contact lenses to our range of products. We carry a full line of products from: 

Whether you are looking for Halloween Lens, lenses for your character or contact lenses for creating an out of this world character we have you covered. We have contact lenses for theatrical or style, with prescriptions (Rx) available on many. 

We'd love to tell you that the process is as simply as you order and we ship, but it's not exactly that. Any product you insert into your eye is considered a medical device and there are regulations/processes to follow. The FDA has a process in place. The short version is that your eye doctor is required to be notified and approve the purchase.

No worries though, we've taken that pain in the tail out of your hands to buy theatrical or character based contact lenses. You can visit our portal to purchase and get started with your colored contact lens purchase, with or without a prescription. 

With that said, we have tons of colors contact lenses for your perusal on our lens portal. There you can find out with colored contact lenses have colors or prescriptions available. Got questions? Look below, as we have a ton of FAQs for your perusal.  

Buy Theatrical Contact Lens Now 

 Theatrical Contact Lens FAQ 

  • Why do I have to have a prescription to purchase contact lenses? I don’t need glasses or lenses to see. Why can’t I just have the lenses without going to see an eye doctor?

    Unfortunately, we cannot sell lenses to you unless we can confirm your prescription for contact lenses - even if you don’t need corrective lenses to see. This is a Federal regulation. Contact lenses are medical devices, and this rule is in place to protect your vision and eye health. Anyone who will sell you contact lenses without requiring a prescription is violating the law and the lenses you purchase from them may or may not be safe to wear.

  • Why do I need a prescription if these are just theatrical or cosmetic lenses?
    In the United States, Federal law requires that one must have a valid prescription for contact lenses before purchasing them. All contact lenses, even theatrical and cosmetic ones, cannot be sold legally without a prescription and verification of that prescription from the eye care professional who performed your eye exam and issued the prescription for lenses.

    There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all contact lens. For example, if you went to a shoe store that only sold shoes in size 8, and you wear a size 10, the shoes might go on your feet but they won’t fit comfortably. The only way to make sure that the lenses are a good fit for your eyes is to have an eye exam.

  • I haven’t had an eye exam. Can I just ask any doctor to approve a prescription?

    In order to receive a valid prescription for contact lenses, you must have an exam from an eye care professional. You cannot purchase contact lenses legally in the US without a prescription, even for non-corrective lenses.

    You may visit any eye care professional you choose for an eye exam and fitting for contact lenses, provided that they are certified to issue prescriptions for contact lenses. Your regular doctor, your chiropractor, your dentist, etc. cannot approve contact lens prescriptions.

  • What if my doctor says no? Can I still buy contact lenses?

    Should your eye doctor refuse to approve your purchase of contact lenses, we are legally obligated to cancel the sale and refund your money. You must receive approval from the eye care professional who performed your eye exam and issued your prescription. We cannot override their decision.

  • Why should I buy these lenses when I can go to “X” and get them a lot cheaper?

    Not all contact lenses are created equal. Generally, the contact lenses you find in such venues are cheap lenses made using unsafe materials and inks. You really do get what you pay for, and in fact wearing those cheap lenses may do serious damage to your eyes. Don’t gamble with your vision just to save a few dollars. It will cost you more in the end.

  • Why do I have to wait before I can get the lenses?

    FDA regulations require that an eye care professional respond within eight (8) business hours after receiving a request for prescription verification. It may take longer than eight actual hours, given that business hours are assumed to be 9:00am-5:00pm, local time.

    For example, if you order your lenses late on a Friday afternoon it will be sometime on the following Monday before the eight business hour window closes.

    Your eye care professional may respond quickly, in which case you won’t have to wait for the eight-hour window to expire. To expedite a response, you should contact your doctor’s office and let them know to expect a verification request.

    If your eye care professional fails to respond within the eight business hour window, your verification is automatically approved.

  • Are these lenses safe for me to wear?

    Gothika lenses are cleared for marketing in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA.) They are made from high-quality materials and the ink is sealed inside the lens, so it won’t leak into your eye. Many customers say that Gothika lenses are the most comfortable contact lenses they have ever worn.

  • Will the color come off of the lens and hurt my eyes?

    Gothika lenses are manufactured using state of the art technology, which includes using high-quality materials and ink. Their process locks the ink within the lens. It will not leak out into your eye.

    If you experience pain, irritation or discomfort when wearing the lenses, remove them immediately. Consult your eye care professional to determine if you need a different type of lens.

  • For how long at a time can I wear the lenses? How long will the lenses last?

    Gothika lenses are daily wear lenses and not intended for extended wear. You should never sleep in your contact lenses. If at any time during wear your eyes become tired, remove the lenses and clean them properly, according to package directions.

    Typically, your lenses can be used for up to one year after opening the vials. The lifespan of the lenses depend upon how well you care for them and how you store them. It is recommended that you discard the lenses one year after purchasing them.

  • How do I care for my contact lenses? What solution should I use? Where can I get it?

    We recommend using a solution called BioTrue for daily cleaning of the lenses. This product can be purchased from any pharmacy. You can use BioTrue to keep your lenses hydrated, but for longer term storage of the lenses, it is recommended that you use sterile saline instead of a prepared solution.

  • Can I sleep in these contact lenses?

    No, ​do not​ sleep in your contact lenses. They are not designed for extended wear.

  • Can I share my lenses with someone else? Can I pass them on to a friend?
    No​. Do not share your lenses with another person. There is the potential of spreading infection. The lenses are for your use only.

  • Is it safe to drive while wearing Gothika lenses?
    Because of the ink and pattern of theatrical lenses such as Gothika, light can only pass through the pupil opening in the lens. This results in a reduction of peripheral vision. It is not recommended to operate a motor vehicle while wearing Gothika lenses. Bella, ColorMax and Venus lenses, however, do not have this limitation. It is safe to drive while wearing these products.

  • Can I buy contact lenses for someone else?
    Yes, provided that you provide a prescription that is in their name. You cannot use your own prescription to obtain contact lenses intended for someone else to use.

  • Can children wear contact lenses?
    Gothika lenses should not be worn by anyone under the age of 18, without parental consent.