Bruni Stage Gun

Bruni Stage Gun

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The Fully Automatic Beretta M92F 8MM Blank Firing Gun Replica is modeled after the Beretta M9 pistol, which is the chosen pistol of the United States military. This blank firing replica of the famous sidearm does justice to the sidearm reputation, with smooth slide action and realistic weight and feel that make it a great training tool or theatrical replica. The pistol features a black tactical finish. Like the original, it is a semi-automatic pistol, which means once properly loaded, every squeeze of the trigger will recycle a round from the ejecting clip. Unlike the original this is also a fully automatic machine gun pistol. Change the selector switch to full auto and fire off the entire clip in under 2 seconds. Makes for an amazing movie scene. This blank gun is manufactured with precision metal construction and fires single and double action. Release the clip, load the 8mm blanks, reload the clip, pull back the slide and commence firing in semi or full auto. This blank gun is as seen in the movies, TV, and used extensively in law enforcement training. Comes with FREE foam lined carry case!

8mm blanks sku#7723

** This looks real. Very real. We cannot be held accountable for anything that you do with this stage weapon. ** 

8mm Blank Firing Gun Features
  • Replica of the standard issue side arm of the US Military
  • Semi and Fully Automatic
  • Fires Single and Double Action
  • Features a Tactical Black Finish
  • A Great Training Pistol
  • Does not ship with blank ammunition 

  • Measurements
  • Length: 8.5"
  • Weight: 2.7lbs

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