Pork Pie Hat
Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat

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A great hat for 1800's to 1940's. A short brimmed, skimmer-type hat with a crease on the inside top edge. Fancy it up with a feather if you like. 

What's a Pork Pie Hat? Glad you asked. We found a great explanation to share from our friends at Wikipedia

The first hat to be called a pork pie was a hat worn primarily by British and American women from around 1830 through to about 1865. It consisted of a small round hat with a narrow curled-up brim, a low flat or slightly domed crown with a crease running around the inside top edge, and usually with a ribbon or hatband fastened around the shoulder where the crown joined the brim. It was often worn with a small feather or two attached to a bow on one side of the hat. Such hats might be made of any number of materials (straw, felt, cotton canvas covered in silk, etc.)—what made them "pork pies" was the shape and crease of the crown and the narrowness of the brim (sometimes called a "stingy brim" in reference to its brevity).

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