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Theatre House has you covered with your favorite make-up,
wigs, fabric and costumes for your summer series.

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Check out this piece of art!

Theatre House asked Stacey to create something amazing for a one of a kind buying opportunity. We wanted to offer something amazing, bold and beautiful. Stacey has outdone herself with this piece. We call this piece The Donna.

Bring The Donna Home

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Creme ColorsBen Nye Creme Colors
Ben Nye Creme Colors
Sale price$8
In stock
Creme Personal KitBen Nye Personal Creme Makeup Kit
Ben Nye Personal Creme Makeup Kit
Sale price$22
In stock
1/8" Elastic Braided1/8" Elastic Braided
1/8" Elastic Braided
Sale price$0.15
In stock
Ben Nye Creme KitBen Nye Creme Makeup Kit
Ben Nye Creme Makeup Kit
Sale price$68
In stock
Flat Braided Elastic 1/4Flat Braided Elastic 1/4
Flat Braided Elastic 1/4
Sale price$0.17
In stock
Spike TapeSpike Tape
Spike Tape
Sale priceFrom $10.95
In stock
Spandex TricotSpandex Tricot
Spandex Tricot
Sale price$12.95
In stock
Fantasy F-X̫Fantasy FX Makeup by Mehron - FFX
Fantasy FX Makeup by Mehron - FFX
Sale priceFrom $2.95
In stock
Glow Tape
Glow Tape
Sale price$11.95
In stock
CreamBlend Stick by MehronCreamBlend Stick by Mehron
CreamBlend Stick by Mehron
Sale priceFrom $3
In stock
Dancelite SatinDancelite Satin
Dancelite Satin
Sale price$6.55
In stock
Nylon/Tricot ChiffonNylon Tricot Non-Fray Chiffon
Nylon Tricot Non-Fray Chiffon
Sale price$3.97
In stock