Theatre House has curated a select group of resources to help you learn how to use some of our favorite products. Scroll down to see to find video tutorials on makeup, Worbla and designing with crepe hair to just name a few. If you're looking for our YouTube Channel, find it here. 

Aging Made SImple
This is a FANTASTIC video made by the expert, Gene Flaharty, at Mehron Makeup


How to Apply and Work With Crepe Hair 
Need a beard, no problem. Crepe wool or crepe hair can be a fantastic way to customize a beard for stage. Don't forget the spirit gum.

Buy crepe hair here at Theatre House! 


How to Use Mehron's Tattoo Cover (technique)
This cover is often used not only on stage, but for weddings and other formal events where tattoos may need to be covered. 

Find your Tattoo Cover here!

How to use a Ben Nye Stage Makeup Kit (Personal). 


Buy PK series, personal kits, from Ben Nye!


How to Paint a Backdrop
Some helpful tips on how to paint muslin, preparations and technique. The music and speech in the video are not evened out, but the content is very good. Need muslin, buy it here.



Building a Stage or Theatre Flat for Dummies 
Super helpful video on items to buy, simple techniques and wonderfully illustrated. Need muslin to complete your flat? Buy it here.



How to Clean A Synthetic Wig
Wowza, this is a great video on how to clean up a synthetic wig. Save a ton of money by reviving your wigs. 


How To Put On A Wig For Beginners
There is so much to like in this video, from the great use of a wig cap to the a nice bandana utility for keeping the wig in place while styling. 



How To Properly Store A Wig 
Great tips here from storage, labeling and returning to storage. 


Have a video that you made, please reach out to us at so that we can share it here and with our audiences. 

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