We want to try to answer most of your questions right here. Please know that we recognize we'll not get everything answered right here, but we'll add to this over time. If you're having a theatre emergency, let us know. We'll do everything we can to help your show go on. 

Q: I need an estimate. 
A: There are two ways to obtain an estimate. You can add items to a cart on our website to obtain estimate and shipping cost information, but it will not contain the word "estimate" on it. Should you need an estimate with the words estimate on it, you can call us at 800.827.2414 or email info@theatrehouse.com with the items you'd like us to include on your estimate and get one back to you. Typically we can provided these within a business day. 

Q: Can I get an estimate of my shipping charges? 
A: Yes. After you've added your items to your cart, you can visit your cart page and it will give you an estimate of shipping charges before you get to the checkout page.

Q: I really need just a number for my estimated shipping, can you just give me that? 

A: We are providing the following shipping estimates for your shipping purposes. Please note the answer to the previous question will give you a better result, but if you're looking to fill out your requisition, our shipping table is below. If your shipping is greater than 20% different than the estimate below, we'll reduce to add charges to your actual invoice. With that said, we'll do our best to match the cost below using either shipping speed or service. Lastly, the table does not apply to international orders or expedited orders. 

 Spend Amount

Shipping Estimate

$1-$50 $8.95
$51-$100 $10.56
$101-$200 $12.18
$201-$300 $14.68
$301-$400 $17.31
$400-$500 $22.98
Greater than $500 $33.06

Methodology: Please note these costs were averaged over thousands of orders between the spend ranges. Furthermore, international and expedited shipments have been omitted for accuracy. 

Q: Do you accept returns? 
A: Please see our return policy for more information.

Q: My credit card was declined.
A: We do require billing address and CVV to match during the checkout process. If those are correct and your card is not being approved, we'd suggest to contact your bank. We strive to prevent fraud. 

Q: Did Theatre House change my shipping method?
A: Theatre House will, in very rare circumstances, change the shipping service that a customer chose. We will only do this if we can improve the delivery time of the package. We typically do ship on Saturdays, which often will give us the ability to cut down shipping time with certain carriers, especially if your order is on a coast. 


Q: What happens if my package was lost? Or I did not receive? 
A: Theatre House tries to take the overhead out of dealing with shipping mistakes. If it's our fault, we'll ship immediately replacement items (considering the items are available). If your package is lost or misplaced by the carrier, we have a 24-hour policy to allow it to show up. We've seen a lot, packages marked as delivered when they were not, someone picked up the item by mistake in your office, it was delivered next door or to a group mailbox. We ask that you check with your central receiving or group delivery location first--before contacting us. If your package is not discovered within a business day, we'll issue an investigation with the shipping service prior to replacement shipping. 

Q: Do you still accept purchase orders? 
A: We are happy to accept your POs in order to make your shopping experience as simple and efficient as possible. We accept Purchase Orders from schools K-12, Universities, Colleges, Government Agencies, and Churches ONLY. We must have an official purchase order copy if it is a NEW account. All other orders must be paid by credit card or by check in advance (one check per order). Our purchase order policy can be found here

1. Visit our website and find the costumes you would like to purchase. Please create your account and get to the shipping page (where you would enter your payment information). Once you are there and your order is assembled, we can retrieve this to process your order. Feel free to print this out and fax/email this cart information as well. 
2. If you have any questions about any of our costumes or want to inquire about quantity discounts please call before you fax your PO. We are here to assist you. You can reach us at 800-827-2414.
4. Your PO must be have your official logo, shipping address, phone, fax and PO#.
5. Please indicate your desired shipping method.
6. The PO must have an authorized signature.
7. Fax or email the PO to 859-431-1837 or info@theatrehouse.com. 
8. Payment terms are NET 30. 
Q: I previously did business with Theatre House and am tax exempt. Will Theatre House honor my tax exempt status? 
A: Yes. We will honor your tax exempt status, but we have to have proof of your tax exempt status again. We apologize for the overhead, but this is a legal requirement with the change in ownership (the new organization must collect and maintain this documentation): Kentucky Tax Exempt Form & Out of State Tax Exempt Form

Q: Can I fax in my order? 
A: Sure thing, fax your order over to 859.431.1837.

Q: Do you do local, pickup/will call orders? 
A: We sure do. We're now offering a time-saving service to all of our local customers. Place your orders on the website and select local pickup when you get to the shipping page. If you want to pay cash when you pickup your order, please contact us via phone. We'll generally try to get your order ready for pickup by 10am the next business day and same day if you place your order by 1pm, but if you need it quicker, let us know. We'll try to accommodate. 

Q: How do I place an order?
A: Orders may be placed via our website, by telephone, fax, or by mail.
Website: www.theatrehouse.com
Telephone: 1-800-827-2414
Fax: 859-431-1837
Mail: Theatre House, Inc.
400 W Third St.
Covington, Ky. 41011

Q: How can I add on to an order?
A: If your order was placed on the website and with a credit card, we are more than happy to add onto an existing order, as long as it has not been packaged to be shipped out. The best way to add on is to write us an email immediately with your order number and the product code, description and quantity you wish to add. We will write back and let you know if it is possible.

If you placed an PO order, we might have to get it approved by the purchasing agent. Often PO's are approved for an order, not for floating amounts. Other PO's are simply approved for a floating amount (not to exceed). So it depends on the type of PO that we were issued. With that said, our goal is to be fair with your needs and our ability to be fairly compensated for our goods as well. 

Q: When will my order ship?
A: Most orders ship the same day if received before 1:00 EST. When this is not possible due to an item being out of stock, etc., your order may be held if time permits for the order to ship complete. You'll also receive an email update with your shipping information. 

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: We are open for order processing between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm EDT Monday - Friday. Our physical store is open between 1-6pm Monday through Friday and 10am-4pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays. Weekend and theatrical emergencies? Send us a note at info@theatrehouse.com. We're here to help. 

Q: How do I know if an item is out of stock or on backorder?
A: Rush orders are typically informed by email or a phone call the same day the order is processed. All other orders will be informed on the packing list that arrives with original order. If it is getting close to your required by date please Call, Fax or just send us an E-mail with your Customer# or Order# for an update on your items.

Q: When will my backorder ship?
A: Please call or write an email for an update on backordered items. We ship backordered items the same day they come in. We will contact you before shipping the item if it is past your date. Most backordered items do come in within two weeks.

Q: Do you honor catalog prices? 
A: We do not have a print catalog at this time, so any catalogs from previous years may not be up to date or accurate. Please refer to our website for current pricing, availability and descriptions of items. Pricing and appearances are subject to change without notice. Please call if you have any questions regarding current prices or description of an item. 

Q: I am interested in fabric, but want to get a sample? 
A: Please request swatches only for fabrics and colors you're interested in purchasing right away. Dye lots can change occasionally, so it is important to place your order soon after receiving swatches. Limit 8 swatches. 

Q: Why am I being charged sales tax? 
A: There are two reasons for this. First, if you're in Kentucky, we're required to charge you 6% unless you're tax exempt. If you're tax exempt, please fax us your documentation to reflect your tax exempt status (we'll mark you as tax exempt in our system) if you are indeed taxed incorrectly. Secondarily, our e-commerce platform, Shopify, manages the regions and areas in which we are required to manage sales tax. They use the locally provided data from your area to compute that sales tax. If you should not be charged sales tax, please let us know via fax at 859.431.1837 or info@theatrehouse.com. 

Q: What payment forms do you accept? 
A: We accept most major credit cards and PayPal payments.  


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