Theatre House has one of the largest selections of makeup from Ben Nye and Mehron, including kits and professional tools for special effects.

Theatre House's Makeup Tips & Techniques 

Castor Seal is used to add an oil content to any non-skin surface prior to applying make-up. Without Castor Seal, often the latex or other appliance will absorb the oils from the make-up. This can yield a matte or "chalky" finish to that area, making the area fail to blind in naturally. 

For Precoat Latex/Foam Latex:
Using a latex wedge with a bit of Castor Seal on it, stipple the Castor Seal onto the latex piece or area (doesn't matter if a bit gets on surrounding skin). Once evenly coated, use face powder & puff to apply powder to that area to absorb any excess moisture and to prepare for coloring the area with makeup. 

As lip gloss:
After applying lipstick, powder lipstick with translucent powder, use moistened cloth, tissue or sponge to remove excess then lightly paint castor seal to gloss lips. 

When spraying dark colored hair, apply a base coat of white to help colors "pop" or appear more intense. To prevent clogging clear the spray stream after use by inverting the can and spraying until clear. 

Apply black tooth wax to dry tooth, use toothpick to clean adjacent teeth. Lick black tooth. 


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