If you are looking for items to make masks, we have a few items that might be of help. 

  • Do you have elastic?
    It comes in 1/4 Braided elastic 1/8 Braided elastic sizes. We have both white and black available. 
  • Do you have thread? 
    This is a newer item for us. We have 40/2 weight thread in 3000-yard cones for $3.50 in white and black colors. You can select and purchase this on our Thread Product Page. 
  • We carry nose clips as well. 
    Nose clips are embedded within the mask and allow for curvature around the nose. For those that wear glasses, these are a game changer. We have adhesive backed nose clips that simply peel and stick. We also have an adhesive nose clip that requires heating (via a heat gun or iron). This adhesive is activated at about 100-degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • How much is elastic?
    We sell elastic by the yard. 1/8th inch elastic is .35 cents and 1/4 inch is .40 cents per yard. 1/4 Braided elastic 1/8 Braided elastic. Bolt prices for the 1/4 inch are $80 per bolt plus tax and shipping (if required). Bolts of 1/8th inch are $52.50 for the 125 yard bolts and $70 for 200 yard bolts, plus tax and shipping (if required). 
  • How many yards are on a bolt?
    We have both 200 and 125 yards bolts of 1/8th inch elastic. A bolt of 1/4 inch elastic is 200 yards. You can enter this amount in the quantity during the purchase process. 
  • Where do I purchase?
    You can purchase your elastic right here on our website--see the links above or below. We prefer this to calls as we’re limited staff currently and attempting to service everyone efficiently. 
  • Do you offer discounts?
    We are not offering bulk discounts at this time. 
  • How do I get the elastic?
    You can select shipping or local pickup during the purchase process. Our retail hours are 1PM-6PM. That is when you can pickup. We offer curbside pickup. 
  • How do I pick-up locally?
    When you are checking out, select local pickup. Our store address is 400 W. 3rd Street, Covington, KY 41011. Our retail pickup hours are between 1PM-6PM. 
  • How quickly will it be ready?
    Generally, within the business day (a few hours at a minimum). You’ll receive an email stating that it’s ready for pickup. 
  • How quickly do you ship?
    We typically ship within a business day (that’s within 24-hours). 
  • Can I pay at the store with cash?
    We are STRONGLY discouraging this as we can stay more COVID safe by simply walking out the package to your car.
  • Do you have different colors of elastic?
    We have Black and White elastic available. 


Lightweight Muslin is completely available and we have hundreds of yards of this to cut.