Theatre House Patrons: 

We want to keep you informed of impact to your delivery and/or shipping time from Theatre House (USPS selected parcels). This is the following statement from USPS. 

USPS Suspends Regular Mail Delivery On 1/30/19
USPS suspends deliveries due to extreme cold. Weather forecasters are warning of dangerously cold conditions in parts of the nation. Some places could see wind chill readings as low as 60 below zero. Due to this arctic outbreak and concerns for the safety of USPS employees, the Postal Service is suspending delivery Jan. 30.


Please note this was an "unplanned" event and there is limited impact that Theatre House can have on parcel delivery scheduled for this date. We will ship any specific FedEx shipments on 1/30/2019. Theatre House has also requested USPS parcel pickup on this date. With this said, please understand there may be a delay in your USPS delivery as a result of this closure. 

This delay may have a greater impact than a day as this well. All delivery methods such as FedEx or USPS Priority Mail (not Priority Mail Express) are NOT guaranteed timeframes

We simply want to set expectations accordingly. 

Theatre House 

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