Rosco ImagePro One-Time Slide Kit

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For the unapologetic do-it-yourself technician, Rosco offers the iPro one-Time Slide Kit. This kit contains the slide mount and protective film necessary to make an effective iPro Slide. Using your own transparency film and your own printer to create the image, you can then assemble a finished iPro Slide. The Slide Kit is good for one slide only and is not designed to be re-used for multiple images. Since the quality of inks, printer technologies and plastic films may vary greatly, the performance of a home-made slide may not match those produced by Rosco. Transparency film not included.*Tip: For best results printing your own iPro Slides, adjust your printer settings to maximum resolution and select an absorbent paper type such as Double Sided Water Color Paper. More detailed advice on printing iPro Slides can be found on the website at:

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