Flex Bond: 1 Gallon

Flex Bond: 1 Gallon

Product SKU: 7653

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1 Gallon. Rosco FlexBond is a clear, flexible scenic glue which bonds many porous and non-porous scenic materials. Rosco FlexBond dries to a clear, hard, yet pliable coating that does not suffer from the "tackiness" common in many other flexible glues, even after those glues have had days to dry! And unlike ordinary "white" glues which crack and break when flexed, the adhesive bond of Roscoe FlexBond remains extremely pliable and strong even as the materials bend and deform. Roscoe FlexBond is water-based and safe to use, available in gallon jugs (7653) or five gallon pails (7654) for $147.35.Click here to link to Rosco's site for more information:ROSCO

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